Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mbt shoes official website

mbt shoes official website
Betty Sun has evaluated Tong Dawei, said he was feeling very introverted person. Although never before in the media about the first love story, or pieces of the current girlfriend. But this character is often a man, on the beloved woman is very specific, very carefully.
Q: You present girlfriend is Chinese and you're young and handsome, or rich and famous?
Tong Dawei: Thank you. I think these two, I have not. So I guess she was not as both fancy me.
Q: Do you spend money on for the love of a woman what is attitude?

Tong Dawei: should be. Men should have men like to love a woman money for granted, this is a manifestation of it to protect women. After all, men in physical strength, competitiveness and other aspects of the workplace than women have the innate advantages. But I think that money can give, but to live within our means, no hat and no cattle, men, women can spend the money, but can not be unchecked.
Q: You are great man or not?mbt shoes official website
Tong Dawei: Sort of. Hope that "men and women stay home." Thought that a simple nine-to-five days, I worked hard coming back from work every day, his wife gave me the hot meals were ready, and asked what I tired today. My mom is such a person, not only to take care of the sick before the father, my sister and I have every possible way.

Q: What is your take up one of two people spending it? In addition to the necessary expenditure, you are willing to give his woman how much pocket money?

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